About us

“In the medicine first of all must be word, then medicine and only then a knife.” – Hippocrates


Health is our most precious asset. It is based in Lithuanian‘s proverb, and we think in the same way – Tarandė Family Clinic team. That why, we are always ready help to save our most important property. Because healthy man, is a happy man.

Everyone must care about his health. But somebody is a lack of time, other is lack of knowledge and experience, that‘s why it is better to trust us. Tarandės Family Clinic was established in 1999. It is one of the oldest private clinic in Lithuania. The Clinic was founded by doctor Renata Ptašekaitė – Kilšauskienė, who is a member of medical family. Here, in the one place are working people from different generations: grandmother and granddaughter. Therefore, medical knowledge and traditions are passed down from generation to generation. A huge medical experience, modern diagnostic and treatment methods also sincere attention to each patient – allows us professionally take care of your health. Tarandės Family Clinic employs highly experienced and competent team of professionals who know their job very well, that’s why your health will be certainly in the good hands.

The clinic provides preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic treatment and rehabilitation carried out laboratory and instrumental tests, aesthetic surgery and other services, here we have day inpatient ward, swimming pool and gym.

Tarandė Family Clinic – it is like a home, there is comfort, warmth, respect and honest care. We know, that every patient is unique, that‘s why we offer special methods according to your needs and expectations. Increasing amount of patients show us,  that we deserve Your trust by honest, long-term and professional work.

At our clinic, our small patients feels like at home, here they are forgetting anxiety and fear. TARANDĖ FAMILY CLINIC – it is CLINIC OF YOUR FAMILY, where we provide all primary – level medical service. The clinic has a contract with the territorial patient funds which compensates the primary-level medical service prices.